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The Gen X Talk category focuses on sharing stories and information that are valuable to women over 40. if you have a personal experience that you are happy to share we would love to hear from you. Share the love as it could help someone.

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Guide Line

Hello ! Writers, the ilovegenx.com community welcomes voices from many spheres on our leading startup platform to write for us.

Our community is a Fast-growing Startup Website with visitors looking for startup stories, news, and articles. Awesome, isn’t it? Right !! It’s every writer’s dream to reach an audience of that size and caliber.

Hence, we are providing an amazing opportunity for Writers or startups to get wide visibility and a platform to share their startup stories or content. You can contribute your valuable content; Quality is our top priority and we don’t compromise on that.

What do we publish?

ilovegenx.com is tightly focused on motivational, lifestyle, fashion, food, health, beauty, and business news content. We are looking for authors or writers who can write for us and we can publish original articles. If you have a small or medium-size businesses for example, we’d love to hear about your journey, The secret behind your success stories or what you have learnt from mistakes. We are interested in How Businesses use innovative ideas and strategies to mark impactful presence globally, Digital marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and the latest technological innovations. We like to work with individual authors so feel free to contact us. 

What you should follow while” writing for us”?

  •  Unique and distinctive Content

People are continuously looking for fresh stories and new ideas. It helps in encouraging reading and engagement. Hence, we’re always looking for some unique and out-of-the-box content. This is what helps to make us different from others. If your creative juices are bubbling come and write for us.

To get a fresh idea, you better go through our website content and analyze what type of content we are publishing. In this way, you will get an idea of how we are proceeding and how you need to approach us with fresh ideas.

  • Simple to increase Curiosity

Initially, you might think to start with a big and broad content idea, for example, “How to start a startup with low capital”. But in most cases, content with simplicity and a narrow approach does the best. Because They provide to the point and valuable content that attracts more audiences. All you need to do is to do deep research and make a strategy accordingly. Content must encourage people to read more and hunt for more information.

  • Use Examples

The most successful startup stories in startup.info offer valuable information to emerging startups and small businesses. Go straight to the point, make it Simple, Generic, and most importantly Engaging. Advice, Mistakes can only be easily understood with examples and readers can easily relate to themselves. 

  • Sponsored posts

Yes, we do accept sponsored posts at competitive prices, from the companies who would like to increase their visibility while sponsoring great content. Please note that this is not like an advertising fee for your company but it helps to grow a strong brand name among our readers.

We accept Guest posts only for Paid Links or Sponsored posts at competitive rates. For more details, contact@ilovegenx.com

What we don’t publish?

  • Too much Promotion

if you are willing to write for us, always remember guest posting is a way to show your knowledge and expertise in the field to your readers. They are not a platform for overly promoting services, offers, or companies.  Please note, our readers come for Successful stories, Tips, and Advice on how to start and run a successful startup, beauty and fashion tips, health & wellness, Lifestyle and food contents.

  • Already published Content

We do not publish articles that have already been published on our website. Even if you made some changes to it. We only accept Unique and Original.

  • Copied Content

We do not accept Copied or plagiarized content on our website. And it is a serious violation of our policy which can lead to permanent deactivation and banning of your account.

  • Misleading information

You should not include any fake information or data in your content. You must give proper citations, credits, and quote the source of information on the article. Always try to use reliable information from authoritative sites or sources and give credit accordingly.

  • Use of Pics/images

You are not supposed to add any pic or image on your content before submission, because due to copyright issues, we do not allow it and if it’s required, we will add from our side end.

  • Individual Profiles

We do not accept Individual profiles of any startup founder unless or until they are well recognized and are a well-known household name. 

Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission

Choose topics: Before Pitching for your article submission, kindly go through our articles and come up with three unique content ideas that you’re most passionate about writing a kick-ass, well-researched, in-depth article.

Allocating topic: After pitching for article submission, we will choose a topic from your given suggestions and allocate you to write on it.

We prefer submissions as Google documents so that editors can easily provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft.

Whom do we allow to publish?

We accept only individual writers, startup companies, Professional Writers, or Freelancers to write for us. We prefer content from Bloggers, Startup founders, and creators who have in-depth knowledge rather than a general base on the categories we cover.

Your writing should demonstrate that you’re able to offer unique, tactical insights, inspired based upon your hands-on experience; posts that offer advice, Experiences, How to,  Innovations, success stories, etc.

What is Guest Posting or “write for us” all about and What are the benefits of it?

 Guest posting in simple words can be understood as writing content for another company’s website. Many websites invite and allow authors for guest posting or sponsored posts. Even they have a dedicated page for guest posting named “write for us”. In most cases, guest bloggers or writers approach websites of the same niche or industry in order to get

  • High Back Traffic
  • Increases website domain authority
  • Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility
  • And help in creating connections within the same industry

It should be noted that Guest blogging or “write for us” or sponsored posts not only benefits the writer but also the website hosting the guest content. 

Why is guest posting important for your business?

“Write for us” or guest posting is one of the most popular Seo strategies that companies have been using for a long time. It provides a number of benefits for any type of business. It will help you to give a stage to showcase your expertise and valuable ideas/knowledge So that you get a stronghold yourself as an authority figure within your market. Helping in building relationships with market leaders and increasing your audience. 

 It will be also a Beneficial platform for upcoming writers or emerging businesses to grow and grow their roots across the market. 

Then what are you waiting for! Write For Us Today.