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Nadia Chellaoui Biography

The artist Nadia CHELLAOUI exercises her art as a divine quest in search of the purest and most meaningful emotions. From academic bases to creative inspiration, she navigates cheerfully through shapes and colors towards a certain expressionism where the woman is, remains and remains the central subject.

Nadia Chellaoui

Born in Rabat in 1973, and living in Casablanca, Nadia Chellaoui is a self-taught artist who exhibited for the first time at the National Library of Rabat in 2014.

Other exhibitions at the national and international level will follow, including those given in 2016 at the Monaco Biennale and at the Art Shopping fair at the Carrousel du Louvre, where she will be named Ambassador of Divine French Academy of Arts, Letters and Culture.

In 2017 she represented Morocco with a delegation of Moroccan artists in Paris at the stand of Divine Académie where Morocco was honored, and in Abidjan in November of the same year as part of the Fil Rouge Culturel du Made In Morocco.

In 2018, she exhibited alongside other Moroccan artists, in Monaco at the Salon Artistes du Monde, in collaboration with the Union Marocaine des Arts, and at the Art Shoping salon at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris for the 3rd consecutive year, within from the Divine Academy stand.

In November of that same year, Nadia Chellaoui, received, during a ceremony in Rio De Janeiro, the appointment of the title “Grand Ambassador” of Divine French Academy of Arts, Letters and Culture. This appointment consolidates the historical and cultural ties that already exist, and opens up new horizons for art and culture between Brazil and Morocco.

In the current artistic effervescence in Morocco, Nadia CHELLAOUI takes a prominent place and seizes the hearts by her style and her production. She chose the human figure as a working model to imprint love, the joy of living, tears , loneliness and loss.

His work, his audacity and his creativity suffer no compromise as the need to go to the end of oneself is preponderant in a fair reading of life, of oneself, of others and of the world in which one lives, with its excesses, its contradictions, its absurdities and its illogicality.

Nadia Chellaoui Exhibition / Event:

December 2018 : Individual exhibition “When the masks fall” at “Kent Gallery” – Tangier
December 2018 : Collective exhibition at “A-CODE Select Store” – Casablanca
November 2018 : Appointment “Grand Ambassador” with Divine French Academy of Arts, Letters and Culture – Rio De Janeiro
October 2018 : Participation in the ceremony for the presentation of the high insignia of Divine Académie – Paris
October 2018 : Collective exhibition at “My Art Gallery” – Marrakech
October 2018 : Collective exhibition at the “Carrousel du Louvre” – Paris
September 2018 : Collective exhibition “The Artists of the World CANNES” – French Riviera
July 2018: Individual exhibition at “M Gallery” – Essaouira
July 2018 : Individual exhibition at the “Florilège Culturel” festival – Rabat
May 2018 : Individual exhibition at “Brane’s Art Gallery” – Rabat
April 2018 : Opening of the showroom at “The Lombok” residences – Casablanca
April 2018 : Participation in the Swedish-Moroccan intercultural day, as an art delegate – Stockholm
March 2018 : Collective exhibition “Empreinte de Féminité” at “Galerie EL FENN” – Tetouan
December 2017 : Collective exhibition at “Nelly Wandji Gallery” – Paris
November 2017 : Responsible for the cultural thread of Made In Morocco – Abidjan
October 2017: Individual exhibition at “Galerie 38” in partnership with Crédit du Maroc – Casablanca
October 2017 : Collective exhibition at the “Carrousel du Louvre” – Paris
October 2017 : Individual exhibition with “Motor Village” – Casablanca
July 2017 : Participation in the International Motor Show Art “9th Sarria Biennale” – Spain
May 2017 : Individual exhibition at the Agdal cultural center – Rabat
March 2017 : Participation in the 58th edition of the “Formes Couleurs” fair – Bourget
March 2017 : Collective exhibition at the “Ateliers d ‘Contemporary Artists’ at “Galerie Pierre Alain Challier” – Paris
March 2017: Collective exhibition “LAMASSATE” at the gallery of the foundation of the media library of the Hassan II mosque – Casablanca
February 2017 : Collective exhibition “Vide Carton” in collaboration with “D’art Louane” – Rabat
December 2016 : Individual exhibition and participation in as a member of the “Miss Arab World” jury – Casablanca
October 2016 : Collective exhibition at the “Carrousel du Louvre” – Paris
September 2016 : Collective exhibition “Art Tentation” – Monaco
July 2016 : Participation in “Cas’art Festival”, “Nadia Chellaoui offers one of his works to the Princess of Bahrain: Sheikh Nora” – Casablanca
March 2016: Individual exhibition “TANDEM” at the headquarters of AXA Assurances – Casablanca
December 2015 : Individual exhibition at “My Art Gallery” – Marrakech
July 2015 : Collective exhibition “Operation Heart to Heart” – Essaouira
July 2015 : Collective exhibition at “Flyer Art Gallery – Milan
June 2015 : Collective exhibition at the “3rd TRANSCENDANCE Meeting” – Tunis
2014 : 1st individual exhibition at the “National Library of Rabat” – Rabat

Nadia Chellaoui Art Overview

Nadia Chellaoui, créatrice d’œuvres d’art transportables  Dévorée par le désir de créer, d’innover et de décliner ses œuvres picturales sur les accessoires de mode, l’artiste peintre Marocaine Nadia Chellaoui décide de s’introduire dans le milieu de la maroquinerie de luxe en 2017 en lançant sa marque éponyme.Elaboré à la main par les plus grands artisans marocains, maitres du cuir et brodeurs, les sacs Nadia Chellaoui sont inspirés du cubisme ainsi que du visage, emblème de la marque. 

Nadia est également une créatrice engagée puisqu’elle a à cœur de collaborer avec des femmes marocaines en difficultés professionnelles afin de les réinsérer dans la société. Son pays est une véritable source d’inspiration pour son travail, c’est pourquoi elle souhaite aujourd’hui mettre en avant son savoir-faire et son artisanat au sein du marché Européen.