Using shampoo properly

Using shampoo properly

Using shampoo properly

How to use shampoo properly? we are discussing this topic in this article. Firstly you want to apprehend your hair type. Before shampooing, first, soak your hair in the water, then take it to the palm of your hand and massage it all over your hair. After massaging it for 5 to 10 minutes, wash your whole hair with water. In this case, you don’t need a massage like before. After washing your hair well, you should apply good quality conditioner on your hair. All hair should be combed so that the conditioner can penetrate the hair. Leave it only for 5 minutes & wash it. Then wipe the hair well and dry it in the air.

There are some rules you can follow before using shampoo.

Keep away from polluted weather:

Dust can damage the hair by sun-rain, and it increases the roughness of the hair, so you must use an umbrella or cover your head when you go out to keep your hair safe and beautiful.

Wet hair care:

Wet hair should be treated with extreme caution as the roots of wet hair are soft and wet hair is more likely to break easily.

Refrain from blow drying:

To keep hair in good condition, wet hair should not be blow-dried after bathing. Give preference to natural drying. Excessive heat can cause hair loss which can cause long-lasting damage to hair. Care should be taken while using a hair straightener.

Using the same type of product:

Hair products should be used according to the type of hair, and try to use the same type of product all the time as this will prevent hair loss due to repeated product changes.

Use of oil:

Practice the oil at the scalp a minimum of half an hour earlier than shampooing, but leave it overnight, get up in the morning, and shampoo; it gives better results it maintains the moisture of the hair.

Use of warm oil:

Sometimes it is necessary to use a light hot oil on the scalp so that the dirt at the base of the hair becomes loose.

Use of cold water:

Coldwater should be used for hair washing. Excessive hot water use can cause long-lasting damage to hair, so warm water can be used if required.

Brush hair regularly:

Regular brushing of hair increases blood circulation in the hair follicles, so hair should be brushed at least twice in the morning and at night, which helps maintain good hair health.

Use a good quality comb:

A good quality comb is essential for hair care. In this case, a wooden or ivory comb can be used instead of a simple comb which will help in blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Using hair packs shampoo :

Any good-quality hair pack should be used at least once a week. Hair packs should be selected according to the hair type, or different types of hair packs can be used at home.

Water should be mixed with shampoo:

Water must be mixed with the shampoo before shampooing. This will create the right mixture of shampoo and water, which, if applied directly, will not cause any damage to the hair.

Healthy food:

There’s no alternative for healthy meals that will keep hair healthy. External care must be given to hair from the inside out. A balanced diet will help to take proper care of hair. Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits every day.

If you follow the above rules and take proper care of your hair, your hair will be alive, vibrant, and healthy, so to get beautiful and healthy hair, it is essential to develop a regular healthy eating habit.

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