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10 BEST European cities for vintage shopping

Europe is home to some of the most profitable clothing markets in the world – with the highest-earning markets being the UK and Germany. 

In regards to sustainable fashion, a recent report reveals that the European Commission is due to crack down on the fast fashion industry and ensure its products are more eco-friendly. 

With this in mind, the team at Betway has put the spotlight on Europe’s second-hand fashion scene by ranking the continent’s top thrifting capitals. 

Using data from Yelp, the team searched for the number of vintage shops, charity shops, flea markets, and car boot sales using 79 cities. These were then combined to give a total figure. 

Let’s take a look at the results…

The top 10 thrifting capitals of Europe 

  1. Berlin, Germany – 296 
  2. Helsinki, Finland – 264
  3. London, United Kingdom – 262
  4. Paris, France – 261 
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark – 255
  6. Lisbon, Portugal – 254 
  7. Oslo, Norway – 249 
  8. Stockholm, Sweden – 247 
  9. Warsaw, Poland – 245
  10. Krakow, Poland – 242 

Coming in at number one as the best European city for secondhand fashion, we have Berlin, Germany with a total of 296. These include 240 vintage and charity shops, as well as 56 flea markets and car boot sales. 

Taking second place as the best city for sustainable fashion is Helsinki, Finland. The capital boasts 215 vintage and charity shops, as well as 49 flea markets and car boot sales, scoring a total of 264

In third place, we have the one and only London, the United Kingdom with another impressive total of 262. Here we have the capital’s world-famous Camden markets, which attract over 27 million visitors annually. 

The team also broke down the data for other continents around the globe, to discover the best places for sustainable fashion across South America, North America, Asia, and Australia. 

Thrifting capitals of the world: